About Us


Sudair Pharma is a Saudi-based company, established in 2014 for the purpose of building an advanced pharmaceutical manufacturing complex to combat Chronic & Life Threatening Diseases.


The world has witnessed a continuous fast-paced transformation in health care services reflected positively in change of life expectancy and the reduction of premature mortality rates, while its negative side is displayed in higher prevalence of chronic disease rates and more spending on services. Data from the MENA Region in general and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in particular, suggest a sharp in the demand for healthcare and medical services. A 2002 study by McKinsey & Company showed that the growth rates of chronic diseases may multiply in 2025. The study also predicted an increase in heart disease by 415% and by 275% oncology diseases. Based on this data, we made a commitment to Keep our pharmaceutical manufacturing relevant to the changing disease mapping.

Future medicine is the focus of the Sudair City for Pharma Industry and that is to help solve dilemma of future diseases. The project is divided into several stages, and this summary is dedicated to first stage which is the establishment of oncology medicine plant.


A closer look at the cancer problem- estimated by the World Health Organization- reveals a faster increase of cancer incidence rates in the Middle East in comparison to the rest of the world. The Saudi Cancer Registry has recorded an increase of more than12% per annum compared to the global rise which does not exceed 3% per annum. This acceleration is not proportional to a good increase of cancer treatment centers or specialized manufacturers for the production of treatment drugs. This has to be viewed within the lack of factories specializing in manufacturing and producing drugs and medications used in the treatment of cancer, in addition to the scarce resources of such medicines in the entire region.